Investor Desk - Financials - Quarterly Results

  Consolidated Standalone Press Releases Transcripts
FY14 (Half Year and year ended March 31st 2014) 141kb 130kb  
Q3 FY14 (quarter ended December 31, 2013) 268kb 373kb  
Q2 FY14 (quarter ended September 30, 2013) 629kb 621kb  
Q1 FY14 (quarter ended June 30th 2013) 1069kb 383kb  
Q4 FY13 (quarter and year ended March 31st 2013) 318kb 726kb
Q3 FY13 (quarter and nine months ended December 31st 2012) 355kb 345kb 28kb
Q2 FY13 (quarter ended September 30th 2012) 203kb 170kb  
Q1 FY13 (quarter ended June 30th 2012) 396kb 363kb  
Q4 FY12 ( year ended March 31st 2012) 278kb 277kb  
Q3 FY12 ( quarter ended December 31st 2011) 617kb 583kb 67.4kb
Q2 FY12 ( quarter ended September 30th 2011) 632kb 594kb 65.1kb 87.6kb
Q1 FY12 ( quarter ended June 30th 2011) 267kb 256kb 86.7kb 123kb
Year ended March 31st 2011 347kb 317kb 81.1kb 132kb
Quarter ended December 31st 2010 407kb 343kb 75.1kb 158kb
Year ended September 30th 2010   96.4kb 117kb 165kb
Quarter ended June 30th 2010   403kb 135kb  
Q4 FY10 ( year ended March 31st 2010)   101kb    
Q3 FY10 ( quarter ended December 31st 2009)   143kb    
Note: For the year ended 31st March 2011, we have closed our books on a half yearly basis, the two annual reports for the periods 'Apr-10 to Sep-10' & 'Oct-10 to Mar-11' are available under the Annual Reports section.